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For science, research and development

When it comes to investigating the behaviour of liquids and bulk goods, industry, universities and research institutes opt for PLEXIGLAS® models. HECKER® is a strong partner in this market and manufactures models, some of which boast impressive dimensional accuracy and meet very high optical requirements. Through the training of our own skilled workers in their perfected craft and a wide range of machinery for 5-axis simultaneous CNC mills up to 3050 x 2050 x 700 mm, HECKER® is well poised when it comes to manufacturing models of all kinds with minimal tolerances.



When it comes to making sophisticated PLEXIGLAS® / acrylic glass models such as functional models, simulation models, demonstration models and trade fair models for your competitive presentation at the next trade show, the high level of hands-on expertise (“craft”) of our skilled workers becomes obvious, combined with CNC production of exceptionally precise components. Hecker has decades of experience processing PLEXIGLAS® / acrylic glass in both disciplines.


Worldwide success in competitive markets

Trust one of the Germany’s leading suppliers for industry and machine builders, who has worked as a successful manufacturer in the field of “close-tolerance simulation models and flow models” and “trade show models and prototypes for industry” on a daily basis for 50 years.
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