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For successful machine builders

the topic of protection for machinery is becoming increasingly important in the face of international competition. When it comes to brilliant-transparent solutions, the work materials PLEXIGLAS® / acrylic glass and MAKROLON® / polycarbonate as well as VIVAK® / PETG are clearly among the most successful materials.

Give your customer a tangible benefit: Transparent shielding, doors and covers secure your processes and make it easier to monitor and identify errors in production. They complement your ergonomic design and create added value, which can also be accounted for in the sales price for your machines.

Makrolon as a material that protects your machines

In many cases, the challenges of finding a unique design for your machines and reducing costs do not have to be mutually exclusive. Using MAKROLON®, for example, eliminates the need for sheet profiles around the perimeter. This is made possible by HECKER® cold edging process. It creates dimensionally stable, non-warping shielding elements that are up to 12 mm thick and up to 3000 mm in length.

Design of machine shielding made of brilliant plexiglass

At HECKER®, crystal clear adhesion of PLEXIGLAS® for premium products that promote sales are a matter of course. With HECKER®, the protection for your machines not only boasts superb forming, it is also invisibly bonding and boasts minimal dimensional tolerance.

Technical functional parts and parts according to drawings for machine building

Make industrial processes transparent – the ultimate goal for transparent plastics such as see-through PLEXIGLAS® / acrylic glass or MAKROLON® / polycarbonate:

Machine and equipment users often prefer the possibility of visual process monitoring without having to interrupt production and deal with downtimes.


from HECKER®

Are you aware of the benefits of the warp-free HECKER® cold edging process for up to 12 mm ultra thick MAKROLON® / polycarbonate sheets that are up to 3000 mm long?

Your benefit: Significant reduction in costs of machine shielding with dimensionally stable, frameless MAKROLON® viewing elements as covers and doors.

Worldwide success in competitive markets

Trust one of the leading German suppliers for industry and machine builders, who has worked as a successful manufacturer in the field of “transparent machine protection” and “plastic drawing-based parts for industry” on a daily basis for 50 years.
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