Brilliant transparent solutions through

printing · coating · foiling

Surface finishing of transparent materials

has become increasingly important in the field of plastics technology in the last years.

You can choose from a wide range of methods and procedures for finishing transparent plastic semi-finished goods made of PLEXIGLAS® / acrylic glass and others: from abrasion-resistant, so-called “scratch-resistant” surfaces to anti-static coatings up to and including finishing with screen-printing or a transparent printed film.

As an attractive alternative to glass, PLEXIGLAS® / acrylic glass has already established itself on the market and continues to grow in popularity thanks to its appearance not to mention weight reducing properties. The material PLEXIGLAS® / acrylic glass is also a brilliant solution both as a printed display for medical devices as well as for room control units.

Anti-static, transparent ESD panes

HECKER® meets the stringent requirements of ESD applications through the use of semi-finished products with the very best technical quality and antistatic coating of

  • PVC glass, transparent
  • Polycarbonate / EUROPLEX® EC or SDX-F
  • PLEXIGLAS® / acrylic glass

from leading brand-name manufacturers (trademarks e.g. EXOLON® GP made of MAKROLON®, LEXAN®, PLEXIGLAS®).


Abrasion-resistant, transparent sheets

As a basis for making flat technical drawing-based parts with a high level of abrasion resistance, the following is available as a semi-finished primary material with a thickness of 3–12 mm x 3000 x 2000 mm:
Polycarbonate sheets, e.g. EXOLON® GP made of MAKROLON® AR® HARD sheets*) improved abrasion resistance compared to non-coated plastic.

Chemical-resistant, transparent sheets

As an alternative semi-finished primary material for making flat technical drawing-based parts that are highly resistant to chemicals the following is available:

  • EXOLON® GP made of MAKROLON® AR® scratch-resistant on both sides,
    3,000 x 2,000 mm with a thickness of 3– 12mm
  • PLEXIGLAS ® Optical HC scratch-resistant on one side,
    3,050 x 2,050 mm with a thickness of 2–8 mm

Worldwide success in competitive markets

Trust one of the leading German suppliers for industry and machine builders, who has worked as a successful manufacturer in the field of “transparent machine protection” and “plastic drawing-based parts for industry” on a daily basis for 50 years.
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